Finding a decent graphics card to build a decent PC is an easy job if you have a lot of budget for it. However, you need to research a lot to get the most valued GPU. It handles visual data for gaming & video editing etc. The higher the video card power, greater the performance.

graphics card -

Well, everything depends on the realtime requirements and needs. Typically, you can say that videos cards can be divided into three broad categories. These categories are just to distinguish between the different levels of video cards which can perform different levels of computations.

Imgine an average body lifting a heavy weight! He will surely struggle, right? Same goes for GPUs. Enough imagining. You can generically divide categories in a following way.

  1. Low-End Graphics Card (GPU/Video Cards)
  2. Mid-End Graphics Card (GPU/Video Cards)
  3. High-End Graphics Card (GPU/Video Cards)

Therefore, this is where these video cards comes in handy. It’s one of the most expensive component in PC.