How to Enable Cookies on Any Device or Browser in 2021-2022

How to Enable Cookies

When you mention the word β€œcookies,” the majority of people expect a chocolate chip delight to materialize. Cookies, on the other hand, are not included in the dropdown menu when discussing computers. But don’t worry, I have covered how to enable cookies on any device.

It is even more accurate to say that cookies are not tangible objects. But they perform a significant portion of the job that makes it more convenient for you to explore the Internet. However, if you don’t know how to clear or erase cookies, they can be a source of frustration.

A computer β€œcookie” can be referred to as an HTTP cookie, a web cookie, an Internet cookie, or even a browser cookie, depending on the context. Computer Cookie, regardless of what it is called, is a piece of data/packet having some sort of information. A visited website generates a cookie file, stored in a user’s computer to be accessed later.

What are the functions of browser cookies?

Browser cookie functions just like the computer cookie to keep track of the browser activities. It can be extremely helpful in many scenarios. Imagine you like a product from any website, and you also added it to the cart. But now you got into an emergency. What will you do? Shutdown the PC, or close that respective browser, right? All your efforts to find the product are in vain now. πŸ˜”

No, not at all.😊

This is where browser cookies come into play. They had already stored your product selections like what you have added in the cart before and prevent cart from being reset to zero. Moreover, to remember passwords for regularly visited websites, it’s very helpful. You get the idea, right!

Are cookies on the internet safe?

Yes, cookies are safe on the internet. Cookies are not capable of transferring viruses, or malware to your computer under normal circumstances. But however, companies might know your personal preferences like what you like, your interests and other things. The purpose of this is to provide user driven quality on the websites.

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How to enable cookies on iPhone?

You can easily enable cookies on iPhone in just seconds.

1. Go to the settings in the iPhone.

2. Click on the Safari option.

Click on the Safari

3. Uncheck β€œBlock All Cookies” option to enable cookies on iPhone.

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How to enable cookies on iPad?

  1. Go to the settings in the iPad.
  2. Click on the same Safari option as you did in case of iPhone.
  3. Uncheck β€œBlock All Cookies” option.
  4. Select Cookies option and select β€œAlways Allow” to enable cookies on iPad.
Enable Cookies on IPad Safari

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How to enable cookies on chrome?

1. Go to the Google Chrome application in your windows and Run it.

2. Click on the three dots displayed at the top right position of Google Chrome.

3. Click on the settings under three dots.

4. Click on the β€œPrivacy and Security” options in the left section.

5. Select β€œCookies and other site data” option.

6. Check the β€œAllow all cookies” to enable cookies in google chrome.

Shortcut to enable cookies on Google Chrome

In the settings of Google Chrome, enter the term β€œcookies” in the search bar. You will get to see the Cookies option directly. From there, you can easily enable third party cookies in Chrome. You can also enable new Google chrome’s enhanced safety mode for maximum security.

Shortcut to Enabling Google Chrome Cookies

How to enable cookies on Firefox?

1. Go to the Firefox and Run it. Click on the 3 bars located at the rightmost top side of the Firefox.

2. Click on the settings under 3 bars.

3. Select β€œPrivacy & Security” from the options in the left section of Firefox.

4. Click on the β€œCustom” option in the list. By default, it is set to β€œStandard” in Firefox.

5. Check the β€œCookies” and β€œallow third-party cookies” or allow β€œall cookies” from the list of options. Not to worry about the crash message. It’s just for safety purposes. Nothing bad will happen to your website.

6. Lastly, click on the β€œReload All Tabs” to save the changes. Now you know how to enable cookies in Firefox.

Shortcut to enable cookies on Firefox

When you are in the settings of Firefox, enter the term β€œcookies” in the search bar. Custom option will be prompted in front of you. Select/check the cookies options and you’re done enabling third party cookies in Firefox.

Shortcut to enable cookies on firefox

How to enable cookies on Opera?

1. Go to the Opera application and click on the 3 bars located at the corner most position.

2. Click on the β€œGo to full browser settings” in the Opera browser.

3. Click on the β€œAdvanced” option and select β€œPrivacy & Security” in the left section of Opera.

4. Click on the β€œCookies and other site data” option.

Enabling Cookies on Opera

5. Under β€œCookies and other site data” option, select β€œAllow all cookies” from the list of options and you’re good to enable cookies in Opera browser.